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Our Quality

From 1970, Peka Kroef has worked its way up to become a specialist of choice in the processing of chilled potato products and specialties. Innovation is essential for us to advance the development of new recipes, products and production processes. We do this to continuously improve our products for our customers, at the customer’s request or on our own initiative because we identify market needs early on – as only a specialist can. It goes without saying that superb quality is our goal. Our quality is audited annually through means of customer audits, as well as by external auditors.

Our products are:

  • High quality with the best possible ingredients
  • Healthy and containing many nutrients
  • Easy and fast to prepare
  • Delicious and the perfect basis for tasty recipes
  • Ultra-fresh without any preservatives
  • Versatile – together they form a broad product range

IFS Food

All three Peka Kroef sites (Odiliapeel, Venray, Asten) are certified in accordance with the International Featured Standard: IFS Food.  These certification programmes are recognised by all (inter)national retail associations and foodservice operators. Any company that meets these high standards will be subject to regular inspection of its production processes, its working environment and the production facilities. Certification to IFS Food means that we meet the quality requirements of our national and international trading partners. More stringent food safety increases our customers’ trust in us, and at the same time ensures our company improves its efficiency and competitiveness.

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Better Life Label

The quality requirements for animal welfare set by the Dutch Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals are laid down in agreements with the producer. These are checked by an independent organisation. Peka Kroef is certified at the Odiliapeel and Asten locations and carries this quality mark on part of its product range. These are our potato specialities that contain bacon.

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