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Our Logistics

Every day our drivers transport our fresh, chilled potato products to our customers throughout Europe. Our sophisticated logistics scheduling ensures we score very high in terms of delivery reliability and the quality of our delivery. Collaboration with our logistics partner in various countries is essential in this regard.


Peka Kroef’s product packaging is developed on the basis of specific customer requirements and wishes. We offer different packaging units ranging from 200 g to 5 kg. Through effective coordination with our customers concerning sales forecasting we are able to optimally align production with sales. This way we minimise the risk of wasting potato products and packaging materials.

Loads | Distribution

The efficiency of our logistics processes is determined by optimally loaded pallets and trucks in combination with tight scheduling. This not only results in high delivery reliability for customers, but it also results in a significant reduction in fuel consumption. This way we keep our impact on the environment to a minimum.

CO2 Reduction

Our products are almost entirely transported by road. The trucks used for this purpose emit CO2. Our policy is focused on reducing CO2 emissions. For example, our drivers are trained in efficient driving practices, the cooling motors on our trailers as much as possible run on electricity instead of diesel, and all of our trucks are compliant with the EUR 5 or 6 emission standards and as such meet the current EU Emission Standards.