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Our Potatoes

Potatoes: naturally they form the basis of our business. This not only concerns the quality of the raw materials, it’s all about monitoring the entire chain: from cultivation, storage and processing to customer delivery.



Peka Kroef is located at the heart of the ‘De Peel’ region, in Odiliapeel. This region became known at the beginning of the 20th century for cultivation on rough sandy soil. Our Hansa potatoes grow exceptionally well here.

  • 90% of our potatoes are grown within a 60-km radius around Odiliapeel.
  • Our own potato cultivation fields are located in the Netherlands and Germany.


The Hansa potato variety forms the basis of our chilled potato specialties. Unlike other potato processing companies, we have Hansa potatoes on hand all year round thanks to the intensive collaboration with our potato growers. This means we can guarantee the consistent quality of our products.


We also grow our own potato seedlings. Our growers exclusively plant on plots of land that are best suited to the Hansa potato. Our crop growing advisers support potato growers throughout the entire growing cycle, from selecting the plots through to harvesting and storing the potatoes.


Our storage facilities are located as close to the potato growing fields as possible, which minimises transport movements during harvest.